Whale Watching on Cape Cod

One of the best experiences of my life was whale watching on Cape Cod. When I would come to Cape Cod for vacation, I alwPicture of a whale tail coming out of the water with a whale watching boat behind it.ays made sure that whale watching was one of the things on our to-do list. And now that I live on Cape Cod, I still make sure I go whale watching at least once a year. It’s always fun to go with a friend who has never gone because it is an amazing experience and I love to share it with someone who is whale watching for the first time!

As an Innkeeper, a lot of guests ask questions about whale watching so I thought I would provide some info that may be helpful if you are thinking about coming to Cape Cod and trying to decide if you should go whale watching.

When is whale watching season?

For Cape Cod, the best time to go on a whale watch is from April to October. In the colder months, whales migrate to warmer locales such as the Caribbean to mate and to give birth. Then they return to the Cape again!

What types of whales will I see?Picture of a whale tail coming out of the water.

There are several types of whales that make Cape Cod their home. Humpback whales are the most common and they weigh about 37 tons. Humpbacks are powerful swimmers and use their massive fin tail to breach (leap out of the water) and it is an awe inspiring sight to behold. We also have finback whales, minke whales, right whales and pilot whales. You may also see dolphins and seals while you are on the search for whales!

Why do whales vacation on Cape Cod?

Cape Cod is one of the most popular vacations spots in the United States for humans, so why wouldn’t whales want to vacation here as well? OK, maybe that’s just one reason. The other reason is that the waters off of Cape Cod provide a feeding ground buffet of fish, krill and plankton. Humpbacks can eat up to 3,000 pounds of food per day!

Where to go whale watching on Cape Cod?

There are two main whale watching companies on the Cape and they both go to the same areas to see whales. Hyannis Whale Watch leaves from Barnstable Harbor (5 ½ miles from the Long Dell Inn). Or you can drive up to Provincetown and take the Dolphin Fleet from the Pier.

Both companies have naturalists on board so that you can learn about the history of some of the whales you’ll see. The naturalists can identify specific whales by the markings on their tales.

During busier months, you should definitely make a reservation. You can contact them directly or we can call to make the rPicture of a humpback whale breaching out of the water.eservation for you.

What should I wear? What should I bring?

Definitely wear sneakers and bring a sweatshirt or windbreaker depending on the weather. Bring some sunscreen because you will be outside for a couple hours. Do not bring a baseball cap as they are known to fly off heads during the journey. You can bring food and drinks with you or you can buy some food on board the ship. Remember to bring some sea sick meds if the sea if rough. And most importantly, bring your camera (or phone or tablet) to document this amazing experience!

Where should I stay while on Cape Cod?

Here, of course!!

We will provide you with a comfortable place to sleep, a scrumptious breakfast, and we will help you with your itinerary so that you can make the most of your Cape Cod vacation. And of course, we can assist you in making your reservation for whale watching on Cape Cod!

Road Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

Picture of our dog Spirit on the ferry.We recently had a day where all our guests’ needs were taken care of rather early, so we decided to go on an adventure.  We hopped in the car, drove down to Woods Hole and took the ferry (with our furry pup, Spirit) to Martha’s Vineyard.

We were lucky that the weather was spectacular!

W{icture of one of the ginger bread cottage on Martha's Vineyard.e started our adventure  in Oak Bluffs.  We walked around the shops and stopped by one of our favorites call Sanctuary.  We took a stroll through the campgrounds where more than 300 brightly decorated gingerbread cottages are settled around the Tabernacle.

Then we headed to Edgartown (via Seaview Avenue) where we had a delicious lunch at Among The Flowers Cafe.  We had two great salads – the Power Salad and the Seared Tuna Salad.  After our awesome lunch, we took the very tiny, 3 car ferry over to Chappaquiddick (known to the locals as Chappy) and drove around.

Once returning to Edgartown on that very tiny ferry, we drove west, across the island via Edgartown Road, State Road and S Road just checking things out.  We stopped at Morning Glory Farms (Edgartown) for a snack.  Although we just got a cookie or two, they are really known for their Zucchini Bread. Along the way, we also stopped at Alley’s General Store in West Tisbury.  They claim to be dealers in “almost everything.”  We can say, there was a lot of stuff in there!Pictur eof Gay Head Lighthouse and the clay cliffs of Aquinnah.

Continuing west, we made it to one of our main stops – Aquinnah (Gay Head) – home of the famous Cliffs and Lighthouse.  Definitely one of the highlights.  The cliffs are amazing, and the red brick lighthouse was unique and worth seeing.

Picture of sunset from Martha's Vineyard.

Next, we were off to Menemsha in hopes of arriving before sunset.  We made it in time – Yeah!  It was crowded, but we found a parking spot, grabbed our beach chairs, and just enjoyed ourselves.   Spirit got lots of attention as we chatted with some lovely tourists.  It turned out to be an incredible sunset – just perfect!

By the time we arrived back in Vineyard Haven (arriving and departing port), most of the restaurants were closed.  So we grabbed a slice of pizza, and got onto the ferry back to the Cape.

Home Sweet Home!

For more images of our Martha’s Vineyard adventure, Click Here to visit Marc’s photography website.


The Kennedy Legacy on Cape Cod

Picture of JFK on his sailboat.

The Kennedy Legacy on Cape Cod

Clam chowder, blue hydrangeas and the Kennedys are all iconic symbols of Cape Cod. One of the most frequent questions we get is “how far away is the Kennedy compound? (It’s 3 miles from the Inn).

Today, May 29, 2017, marks the 100th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s birth. And although the Kennedys had several homes, Cape Cod was where their hearts lived. The Kennedy clan has lived in Hyannisport, a sleepy seaside village, for 90 years. JFK’s presidential campaign was launched from Cape Cod and he used the compound as his campaign base. The entire Kennedy family spent election day 1960 here and JFK gave his victory speech in Hyannis.

President Kennedy was successful in passing legislation for the Cape Cod National Seashore. This protected area includes more than 40,000 acres of forest, marshland, bogs and salt ponds along with nearly 50 miles of untouched beach.

JFK frequented Four Seas Ice Cream (a stone’s throw from the Long Dell Inn) and his favorite flavors were vanilla and peach. The President enjoyed golfing at the Hyannis Port Club (where he would call to schedule his own tee times) but his true love was sailing the waters of Cape Cod.

JFK once said “I always go to Hyannisport to be revived, to know again the power of the sea and the master who rules over it and all of us.”

To commemorate the Picture of the JFK Museum in Hyannis.centennial of his birthday, there are many scheduled celebrations on the Cape. Today we will attend a special program at the John F. Kennedy Museum (jfkhyannismusuem.org) where they will be unveiling a new exhibit and then get a bite a eat. Some local restaurants will be celebrating with themed cocktails and special menu items.

The Kennedy legacy continues to be intertwined with Cape Cod.

For information on the Kennedy Legacy Trail, please click on the following link (kennedylegacytrail.com).


Yogi’s Visit to the Church of the Transfiguration

Yogi, the Long Dell Inn Travel Ambassador, finally made it to The Church of the Transfiguration.  Located adjacent to Rock Harbor in Orleans right here on the Cape, this place was a surprise.  Yogi tried many tiPicture of the sanctuary in the Church of Transfiguration.mes to visit since the spring, but for some strange reason, the times he could make it always turned out to be a Wednesday – the day they are closed.  But he got here, and it was so worth the visit.

The church itself is somewhat contemporary, but the tile mosaics, frescos, stone carvings, etc. are absolutely amazing.  The amount of planning, thought and purpose that went into creating the church and the beauty within boggles the mind.

Although one typically comes to Cape Cod for natural outdoor beauty, a visit to see the artwork in this church is something you should consider – even if it’s not raining or overcast.

Yogi gives this place a big thumbs up.  Picture of the main doors to the sanctuary at the Church of Transfiguration.

These images were taken by Marc.  If you want to see a few more images, check out the Marc Jacobson Photography website (click here).

For more information about the Church of the Transfiguration, check out their website at www.churchofthetransfiguration.org.

Newest Member of the Long Dell Inn Family

Picture of Yogi, our new travel Ambassador.

We would like to introduce the newest member of the Long Dell Inn family  .  .  .  Yogi the Yoga Frog!

Yogi is our Travel Ambassador and he will be taking you to some of his favorite spots on Cape Cod.

So where will Yogi start his Cape Cod adventure? Well, at the Long Dell Inn, of course!

It is officially summer and everything is in bloom here – the window boxes are flowering, the waterfalls cascading, the fish are happily swimming, the frogs in the pond are leaping and the hydrangeas are bursting forth – what more can you ask for???

Yogi looks forward to sharing his adventures with you!

See you soon!