We’re GREEN!

Picture of a green frog on a rock and it's reflection in the water.

Kermit famously sang, “It’s not easy being green”, but we disagree! So besides having a green gate and green door, we partake in lots of green practices.

Here at the Long Dell Inn, we try to Re­cycle, Re­duce, Re­use, Re­invent and Re-Purpose as much as possible.


We provide all guests with our Long Dell Inn water bottles which can be reused and refilled at our water cooler, reducing the amount of plastic water bottles that end up in the recycling bin. And you can take the bottles home as a souvenir and continue to re­use them! We offer guests the option of re-using their towels and bed linens during their stay to reduce the amount of water used.


Here at the Long Dell Inn we recycle all plastics, glass, paper, cardboard and organic clippings.


Besides reducing the use of disposable plastic water bottles, we have made many improvements at the Long Dell to reduce energy use. We recently installed new high ­efficiency air conditioning and heating systems in all of the guest rooms. Most light fixtures inside and out utilize energy efficient CFL or LED light bulbs. Ceiling fans are also present in most rooms as an option to the in room air conditioning. Also, energy efficient exhaust fans have been installed in all bathrooms to reduce the amount of humidity and reduce the need for artificial climate control (AC). We also have annual energy audits and continue to enhance the energy efficiency of the Long Dell Inn.


Many people are too quick to throw something out. We tend to either donate, give or sell, and in turn also purchase things that have had new life breathed into them. We like to take ordinary things, and make cool useful things out of them; ­ for example, we took a green steel colander and made a cool ceiling light fixture. You need to stay in the Grenville Room to see it in action. Many pieces of furniture at the Long Dell Inn have been reborn by being re­worked, re­painted, and/or re­upholstered to bring them back to life.

We continue on this journey and look to further our Green practices!