Kindness Rocks!!

Kindness can be a simple or a grand gesture. Kindness can effect one individual or can be a global phenomenon.Picture of a Kindness Rocks rock that says Wish upon a starfish

Kindness is defined as “the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate” by the Oxford Dictionary.  Kindness is synonymous with warm-heartedness, goodwill, warmth, gentleness, tenderness, sympathy, benevolence, compassion, courteous, gracious, humaneness and selflessness.  The Urban Dictionary defines kindness as “the act of not just being nice, but showing sympathy and understanding” towards others and “not expecting anything in return.”

Some say that kindness doesn’t exist in the world anymore;  that in this dog-eat-dog world of ours everyone looks out for themselves.  But as a person who has always seen the glass as half full and has always seen the good in people (albeit, sometimes you may have to look really, really hard!) I DO believe there is kindness in our world.

So are you a kind human being?  Are you friendly, generous and considerate to others? Do you show sympathy and understanding to others without expecting something in return?  Do you rock?  WHAT?????

The Kindness Rocks Project, a grass roots organization which began on Cape Cod, is the perfect example of what it means to spread kindness.  Megan Murphy, the founder of The Kindness Rocks Project, and fellow Cape Codder, encourages people to leave rocks painted with inspiring messages along the paths of life.  The motto of The Kindness Rocks Project is “one message atPicture of a Kindness Rocks rock that says Live Laugh Love just the right time can change your entire day…outlook…life!  Take one, share one or add one to the pile.”

If you have visited some of our beautiful Cape Cod beaches you may seen some Kindness Rocks.  There is a Kindness Rocks garden set up at one of our favorite places – the Bass Hole River boardwalk at Grey’s Beach in Yarmouthport.

Megan Murphy, a life coach, started this movement with just a couple of messages on a couple of rocks. And this grass roots movement has grown into a global phenomenon.  There are now Kindness Rocks gardens all around the world!

On social media, Megan has shared some stories of people who have been effected by her movement.  There are stories of parents who have lost their children looking for an outlet to help others through their grief.  There are stories of individuals who were down, discouraged or distraught who found a rock with an encouraging and inspirational message and it made a huge impact on their lives.  There are stories of entire communities coming together to spread kindness.

Isn’t it amazing that such a simple gesture – painting a message on a rock – can have such a profound impact?

So we are happy to announce that the Long Dell Inn is joining the Kindness Rocks Project!  In the Spring, we will have a Kindness Rocks garden set up at the Inn where guests can take a rock that speaks to them or take one that will speak to someone they know who is in need of a special message.  We will also be setting up a space for guests to paint messages on rocks.  They can take their rocks home with them as a souvenir or they can leave rocks in our garden for future guests to enjoy.  And just maybe the right rock will end up in the hands of the person who needs it the most!

Picture of a Kindness Rocks rock that says Free Your Spirit

In December of 2018, Megan was featured on the Today Show to discuss her project.  Check out Megan Murphy’s two books:  A Pebble For Your Thoughts and Kindversations Workbook For Kids.  If you don’t already, you should follow The Kindness Rock Project on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about this amazing movement and to read about the impact it is having on our world!

And of course, you should follow the Long Dell Inn on Facebook and Instagram (capecod_longdellinn) to check out what’s happening at the Inn and to take a look at some of the Kindness Rocks in our garden!

And perhaps you can spread your own kindness in your own way.

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