Welcome to our new website & our 1st blog entry!

Since the Inn now has a new look and a new website we thought we needed new names for our newly renovated rooms. So several weeks ago we asked family, friends and those who have “Liked” the Long Dell Inn (LDI) on Facebook for their assistance. We thank everyone for their input.

In the end, we thought it best to honor ourselves and the Long Dell Inn by using room names that had special meaning to each.

Here’s what we came up with:

Room #1 – Captain’s Quarters.

We thought it appropriate to retain the current name in honor of Captain Reuben Jones who built the house in the mid-1800’s. He definitely deserves some recognition.

Room #2 – Tradewinds.

We met at a concert being held at the Tradewinds in Sea Bright, NJ.

Room #3 – Down The Shore.

The Jersey shore is a place of so many childhood (and adult) memories.  It’s also a lyric in the song Jersey Girl sung by Bruce Springsteen. And when one from New Jersey says “down the shore” we say it as if it’s one word!

Room #4 – Grenville.

After we got married, our wedding brunch was held at The Grenville in Bay Head, NJ.

Room #5 – Seabird.

Again, we thought it appropriate to retain the current name as this was one of the ships Reuben Jones’ captained.

Room #6 – Sugar Magnolia.

Marc is a big Grateful Dead fan and this room is named after one of their songs.

Room #7 – The Nest.

The Nest because being on the top floor of the Carriage house feels like you are up in the trees with all of our wonderful feathered friends.

Stay tuned for future blogs about the Long Dell Inn and Cape Cod!!