Meet the Innkeepers

a2m8a5904Life is an adventure! This is our motto and we try to live up to these words every day.

Since we met, the idea of being innkeepers has always been part of the dream. We always figured we would pursue this avenue a bit later in life, but when life throws you lemons, you have to make lemonade . . . or in our case, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes!

The dream became reality in May 2012 as we began our new adventure! For us, the Long Dell Inn was love at first sight – ­ near the coast and central to all things Cape Cod. Growing up near the shore in New Jersey, we felt right at home in the salt­y air of Cape Cod.

Marc loves to cook and is a passionate photographer. He is actively growing his Cape Cod portfolio in hopes of one day having his work displayed and for sale in galleries and shops on the Cape. Some of his photography is on display at the Inn. Marc even offers Long Dell Inn guests a mini­-photo shoot in the dell. Click here to check out Marc’s work.

Donna comes from a creative family and loves to garden, create art and decorate. It is because of her that the re­decorating of the Inn, both in and out, has been such a success. She is in constant thought regarding what project can be done next to better the Long Dell Inn.

We could not have picked a better place to have our dream come true!

Donna and Marc